Rear facing selfie with Spot the dog

Rear facing selfie with Spot the dog


Hi welcome to my website, I am a enthusiastic Amateur photographer who likes to shoot landscape and seascape images, I will shoot other stuff like wildlife, planes, trains and cars, some buildings, oh and the odd boat or two, but this site will feature predominately land and seascapes. I capture my images using a digital slr, the details of my gear are in a what’s in my bag blog, in the blog section on this site’

Most photographers like to shoot their images and the beginning and end of the day when the light is at it’s softest and I’m no different, sunrise and sunset is when you’ll find me out with my camera. I have a love of running water, calms my soul and if the conditions are right (overcast) I can be found near a waterfall or a stream/ river, I like to smooth out and blur my moving water, not every ones cup of tea, but it’s how I see it at the time.

The images on this site are subject to copyright, they can be used for personal use should anyone wish as long as I’m credited with taking the image.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my images and thank you for visiting my site.