Hi and welcome to my website, thank you visiting, be it you found it by accident or were pointed here by a friend. I set up this website to show some of the images that I've captured over the last 18 months, I had previously posted some of them on Facebook but was not happy that FB compresses the images so that they are really quite poor in quality. I always got likes on my images that I posted, which humbled me, but I always thought they were poor, them some friends suggested that I produce a website. It took a while, about a year from my first thoughts before coming to fruition and although the images on the site are not the full resolution (less than 1000kb) they are far better than the FB images. 

The digital images on this site belong to me, they have copyright info imbedded in the file, that said they are of a low resolution that won't enlarge without distortion. If you screen grab or save the photos I can't stop you, all I ask is that if you share it can you credit me for it or mention the website, thank you.

Please feel free to comment or like my blogs, also please use the contact form if you have any questions regarding the images, where and how they were captured? or for any other stuff related to photography.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my images and please use the contact me Tab in the navigation menu to send me any comments on my images, its good to know that people like your stuff, thanks again for visiting.

Regards Rob