Rear facing selfie with Spot the dog

Rear facing selfie with Spot the dog


Hi welcome to my website, my name is unsurprisingly Rob Davey, the same as the website name.

I am a enthusiastic Amateur photographer who likes to shoot landscape and seascape images, I will shoot other stuff like wildlife, planes, trains and cars, some buildings, oh and the odd boat or two, but this site will feature predominately land and seacapes. 

A long time ago ( not going to say how long) in my late teens I was interested with photography, back before digital, I used to shoot 35mm film. I wasn't any good at it, I got the odd good image by pure fluke, then I discovered alcohol and girls and the photography went out the window.

Roll forward several years to about 3 years ago when I bought myself a cheap  DSLR , I got the camera to capture images of my dog Spot, who is a Sprocker spaniel, I have several thousand images of Spot, easy to do with Digital and SD cards, oh and a camera capable of shooting 10 frames per second.

Getting bored with just shooting the dog, I acquired some more lenses that enabled me to start capturing landscapes, being largely self taught I'm still learning. I find the locations using an OS map, Google earth and YouTube, there are lots of photographers out there on YouTube vloging Locations and how too's, on camera skills and with editing tips.

It is rare that I capture an image that is good enough in the camera, they all need a bit of editing in Adobe Lightroom, my preferred choice, although from time to time I need to use Photoshop. I also use Neutral density filters to lengthen shutter speed to blur or smooth out water and Neutral density Graduated filters to help get a correct exposure for bright skies as you can't exposure for the land and the sky at the same time.

All images on my sight are for sale, images are 16 x 12 inches and 16x 9, please use the contact form to enquire about prices.

I hope that you enjoy looking at my images and thank you for visiting my site.